About me,


        I started playing guitar at the age of eleven, joined a band and played my first gig at school at eleven and a half, wrote my first song when I was fourteen, played my first pub gig at the age of fifteen (I looked a lot older than I was) and recorded my first song at fifteen and a half. Then at sixteen I left school and went to work in a bakery, after six months of that I quit and came to the realisation that if I was going to be at all happy in this life I needed to make and play music for a living.

I got a band together with some musicians I already knew and we began to learn the songs that I was writing and had been writing over the last few years and also learning some covers of our favourite bands, Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Oasis. We gigged a lot around North Wales under a few different names, Evil-way’s, The Chillers, But the one that stuck was Smooth Roscoe & The Goo. We carried on for about five years earning a few quid and a few fans along the way. Ultimately it came to a mutual end, and was confined to the failed unsigned band files.

Around the time of the split I suffered a life changing tragedy, my father passed away, I was nineteen when it happened, obviously this hit me very hard and I was in a deep depression for a long time, I don’t think I will ever get over it, but I have hung on to what my late father taught me about music and the blues in particular. He told me “the only reason people sing the blues, is to get rid of them”. And so with this FACT resonating in my mind I am dedicated to getting rid of my blues through my music, and try to bring back the understanding that music and song writing is about things like, feelings, pain, loss, happiness, experience, love, hate, war, peace and not about filling the pockets of some suited demon on the top floor because he’s put some big breasted chick on a stage and pressed play on a backing track.

Sorry, where were we, oh! Yes, so after some time, I decided that I would reinvent myself as a solo artist under my own name, Dave Elwyn, Elwyn is my middle name and belonged to my Dad’s Dad. By this time I had loads of songs and had been recording lots of demos, so I decided to start work on an album. Luckily I had some help from friends and family to get it recorded independently in all manner of different places, barns, attics*, function rooms and my old Sorting Office, which is my band room and general hang out place. The album Raw Blues is now finished and dedicated to my Dad and is also named after the blues band my Dad was in back in the day.

Basically I’m not here to waste anyone’s time or my own, I’m just here to play my music with all my heart and soul. I will keep on doing this till I die, cause it’s all I know, regardless of failure to succeed, with what I know, I’ve already won. Goodnight!

* Much of the recording along with the mixing and mastering of Raw Blues was done at www.thompsoundmusic.co.uk